David Haggerty

David Haggerty was elected President of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in September 2015. He attended the George Washington University School of Business.

Prior to being elected President of the ITF, Haggerty held the position of the United States Tennis Association President. On January 10, 2020, he was elected member of the International Olympic Committee.

Haggerty said about the Davis Cup: "We have a model that works, even as we continue to work on improving the format."

In January, the ITF found itself forced to regain control of the organization of the event, ending the collaboration with Kosmos, the investment group chaired by the Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, which began in 2018 and which was supposed to last 25 years. We talked about the reasons for the termination of the partnership in this article.

With the arrival of Kosmos in 2018, the formula of the oldest team competition in the history of the sport had been modified with the consent of the ITF. Traditional home or away matches have been abandoned in favor of stages played in one venue. This new system has struggled to convince players and fans and continues to cause discussions.