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Tony Godsick

Tony Godsick is a sports manager. Great-grandfather Richard Lewisohn was a highly renowned researcher, who became the protagonist of a discovery in the field of medicine of paramount importance, demonstrating how blood transfusions can induce the unwanted coagulation phenomenon.

His maternal grandfather was a New York City finance manager, and the super manager's wife, a certain Mary-Joe Fernandez, is one who was able to show us subtle things on the tennis courts.

Tony Godsick, after the 2005 US Open, decided to become Roger Federer's manager. Furthermore, since 2012 Godsick and Federer have founded their own personal marketing agency, Team 8, which has known, needless to say, an extraordinary market success.

Team 8 is based in Cleveland, Ohio, where it finds the support of two American investors, and is currently, in addition to the agency that represents Federer himself, the representative of JuanMartin Del Potro, Grigor Dimitrov, and the young American talent Tommy Paul.

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