Bernard Giudicelli

Bernard Giudicelli, born February 20, 1958 in Marseille1, is a French sports leader, former president of the French Tennis Federation, between 2017 and February 2021.

He comes from a Corsican family of fishermen. Married and father of two children, he works as director of a local mission in Bastia3. He began to take an interest in tennis in 1979, during the Roland-Garros final between Björn Borg and Víctor Pecci2.

Since 1991 he has directed the Corsican Tennis League (which he founded2). He was elected Vice-President of the FFT with Christian Bîmes in 1993 and sacked from his post in 1995.

In 2009, with Jean Gachassin as president, he became assistant vice president and led the Roland-Garros modernization project. In 2010, he joined the ITF Olympic Commission and participated in the organization of the Olympic event at the 2012 London Games. In 2013, he became general secretary of the FFT.

On November 5, 2020, Médiapart revealed that it had usurped its 2019 doctor of economics title to support its candidacy for the board of directors of the International Tennis Federation11.

On February 13, 2021, Gilles Moretton becomes the new president of the FFT. Bernard Giudicelli's list Agir et Gagner 2024 obtained only 3,581 votes, or 38.80% of the votes cast.